1. How Much do you guys think Monero can go in 2018? I'm deciding to mine monero with JavaScript mining and because is easier to mine that another altcoin but the thing is if monero drops it will be a waste of time and resources. Some friend recomends me to insert that script to my site using and mine monero but I really don't know if is a potential grown up altcoin.

  2. Until Spring to Summer cryptocurrency will drop most likely. Now is a great time to buy as much as you can. Around November or December 2018 another 'crash' will come again, like last year. This is mainly because of the holidays, and those who are easily manipulated by propaganda.

  3. HIVE BLOCKCHAIN is currently the only publicly-traded cryptocurrency mining companyBy mining and selling only “virgin” coins, HIVE will likely limit its risks from anti-money laundering laws and related risks.HIVE has the ability to be nimble and mine the coins that they believe will have the most potential and future utility. I trust that they and their partners have a better understanding of the myriad of cryptocurrency tokens coins than I ever could.

  4. So far following the uptrend line. Bought 10 at 425 when there was a dip. Going super long. Wish me luck! Loving your videos! Everyday, I check your channel or check Reddit at CryptoCurrencyTrading if your new videos are out. Thank you for your insight as it helps me have faith and also learn new things myself!

  5. Hey do you think the cme and cboe news that they can proceed and start futures trading on 12/18 has stopped this bear market. I opened up the market this morning and I almost FOMOd in.

  6. "Korea’s Hyosung Now Supports Bitcoin At ATMs, Will Soon Add Ethereum" was a heading today in the news. This is why I think it really has potential for big gains. Thank you

  7. Eth will be ove $2500. No doubt. I would say $1000 end of first 1/4 2018.
    Next year: Neo $750, LTC $900. Dash $3500. XMR $1300.
    I think the overall market cap of crypto will pass 1.5 trillion marketcap in 2018. Which is nothing but little over 2 times Apple marketcap.


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