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Major crypto exchange Binance has continued its seemingly relentless acquisitions drive with the purchase of analytics service DappReview, an information resource for blockchain-powered decentralized applications (dapps).

In a Binance blog post, the company said that it intends to “support DappReview to further develop the dapps ecosystem and foster greater blockchain adoption.”

After snapping up the American-based wallet provider Trust Wallet in summer last year, Binance had appeared to cool its M&A plans.

But since September this year, the company has made a spate of acquisition deals, buying up Seychelles-based exchange JEX in early September, followed by the purchase of India-based WazirX trading platform in November.

The latest M&A deal would, at first glance, appear to buck the Binance trend of buying smaller exchanges – in favor of data-providing services.

DappReview, which is based in China, claims to provide data analytics, user insights and dapp information for over 3,900 dapps across thirteen public blockchains.

But readers may recall that back in September Binance also made an undisclosed investment in Mars Finance, another…

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Author: Tim Alper


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