1. The technology to show your face while also showing the screen gets wasted on people like crypto crow and crypto Bobby while we spend half the time watching your videos and just listening to you.

  2. There's another technical flaw in IOTA's basic architecture, causing huge overhead in the transaction size, relative to the intended scope (IOT) : It's based on a ternary base number, instead of binary, on which essentially all machines ('things') do run of course.

  3. This is the worst Crypto I've bought thus far. The transfer of my iota from Wallet to exchange has been unconfirmed for for over 24 hours and I've been reading several other cases on the Iota repository Iotaledger/Wallet where people have had their Iota stuck in confirmation mode for over 5 days! And, no help or comments from the Ioata team. I just want to dump it at this point – my guess is the price will plummet once the transactions are confirmed.

    Which leads me to wonder if they are manipulating this market by preventing people from selling by NOT confirming transactions while they continue to pump the stock/coin.

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  5. Hi, I'm Brazilian. I do not understand one thing .. in Brazil, we operate on bitfinex and my engine is 30.21193062, how do I see the real value in USD? sorry about my English.

    Olá, sou brasileiro. Não estou entendendo uma coisa.. no brasil, operamos na bitfinex e meu motante está 30.21193062, como vejo o valor real em USD? desculpe meu inglês.


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