1. Looking at the comments, you don't need to talk about crypto, you just need to run a show called, "Where in the world is Heidi?" Well, perhaps you could give crypto as prizes 😛

  2. You run a wonderful service here madam.

    I find the people who want to learn about bitcoin who ask me for recommendations tend to become negative about bitcoin if they listen in on Ver or Berwick. They get confused about Bitcoin because said speakers act as if they have a grudge and not everyone wants to respond to negativity.
    So now I send them to you. And what a difference you make. So much positive feedback and you inspire many to learn further.

    Keep up the great work. Your subscriber base will grow enormously.

    If I could make one suggestion please. Would you consider 10 to 15 minute episodes perhaps once a week so you can go further into topic? My 2 cents worth. Best wishes.

  3. Thanks for the vid CT, Lighting Network seems like a very promising technology, scalability is one of the big issue for cryptocurrency, but I think right now the most important stuff is privacy, and altcoins which have been focused on that like Monero, Dash, DeepOnion, Linda, Shield, etc. are far more interesting IMO. Thanks again for your video, thumbs up !

  4. Cool, I've got the Eclair wallet on my phone but it's outbound only. You can't receive lightning transactions with it. I spend bitcoins all the time, mostly when one of my fellow mechanics makes a lunch run and I pay him in bitcoin. A lightning wallet would be handy the next time Veer and his big blocker buddies start jamming the bitcoin network again. Last time that happened I resorted to sending bitcoin using coinbase. If you have their email address you can send directly and without fees. Hated to use a 3rd party though.


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