The Tezos community has strong shared values, arguably as strong as bitcoin’s.

That’s the assessment of Castle Island Ventures partner Nic Carter, who said Tuesday:

“The number one lesson and takeaway of bitcoin is a core set of principles – defining them and making the chain a beacon to attract people who believe in those principles.”

He made the comment at TQuorum, a conference about the Tezos ecosystem organized by the Tocqueville Group. While the bitcoin and Tezos communities have different values, Carter argued both groups are comparably well-defined.

Tezos was funded by one of the largest initial coin offerings (ICOs) of them all, and Carter has been an ICO skeptic.

“But if you are going to do it, shoot for the moon and believe you are going to be able to create a new form of non-sovereign money,” Carter said of the Tezos ICO, which he says is the only ICO he’s participated in, adding:

“You don’t have enough advocates if it’s concentrated in a small number of folks.”

“There has to be a shared narrative,” Alison Mangiero, the Tocqueville Group’s president, told CoinDesk in an interview after the panel, explaining why her…

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Author: Brady Dale


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