1. Thank you Michael for briefly introduced the man from Wanchain. Would be great if you could do a interview with him at some point in the not too distance future. Thanks for all your hard work

  2. This was an amazing video. I can't thank you enough for your Consensus VLOG. I wish I could of been there and this makes me feel like I'm almost there now!! Thanks again. I would like to see you join up with Hayden Tiff or maybe some people from the Ripple Team. Is NULS there by chance? I haven't checked but they would be a good one to check out too if they are. Edge Secure if they are there as well.

  3. Hello. I would recommend you to look into SYScoin. They are just releasing technology like Z-Dag (Instat transaction with double spend protection), Masternodes, Assets and Tokens. Masternodes will do more then 80.000 TPS for Assets/Tokens. They are just on beginning and more Masternodes means higher TPS. Their mother company BlockchainFoundry was listed to Canadian stock exchange on 15.5.2018. It is worth to look at their new SYScoin 3.0 Whitepaper. SYScoin exist for more then 4 years already and is keep delivering. Their main focus at the moment is decentralized marketplace – desktop version is already in use, web version coming as next. Best regards


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