1. people seem to forget that VEN is the only token that is being used by the CHINESE gov't in there experimental crypto city.

    9:11 National Level Partnership – National Data Center of the WEST.

  2. Logistics and IOT blockchains don't make sense: you'll know the history of the tracking device, not the history of the product. How can you be sure device A is linked to product A?

    Then: writing (a lot of data) on a secure decentralized blockchain is expensive; writing on a cheap insecure centralized blockchain doesn't make sense, it's better a trusted third party.

  3. Cryptocurrency VeChain hit Bitfinex today. It is the 5th stock exchange in the world in terms of Voluemnu, and VeChain is also talking about BMW.

  4. awesome explanation .. loved it.. can you please clarify me how vechain will manage inflation as bitcoin will retain its value with it's limited number of supply and production potential

  5. This coin has gone up 25x (almost) in the past 3 months. What updates and new technologies has it come out with that substantiate this increase in valuation?

  6. Boxmining: did you get paid, in any form or fashion, for doing this video? If you do, are you upfront about what you get in return for reviewing diff alt coins? I think that would have high integrity. Maybe you should come right out and say something at the beginning of each video when you review a coin what your vested interests, associations or benefits are. Thanks!! #transparency

  7. Vechain will be the antidote to the counterfit industry in China. As soon as more manufacters in the West realize this I see VEN becoming a household name for all branded and copyright protected products.

  8. Honestly be grateful you know about this.What you somehow stumbled upon will make you millions in no-more than 10 years. How did everyone know about this? Well for me I heard from a friend on the line at subways and I just did my research on it and I had to invest. I know some of you are concern that yes this could lead to more government tracking but as a business man I don't look at that. I look at the profit it will make me in the future. Plus even if you don't like it I must get across one point. This is inevitable, simply put. I don't know how you got here but just be thankful that you just came across a gold mine. Im curious, how did everyone find out about Vechain?

  9. its all chinese people, must be decentralized yesh sir.
    And the arrogance, they claim to be the best #1 of planet, sounds like a real shit coin. Their site is amateuristic


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