1. the best thing is, Aion is on it´s bottom. so the next bull run is goin to be so fucking big. i predict 200-300% in the next month. look at the 4h chart. very strong resistance bc of double & tripple bottom. in combination with the upcoming events this coin can just go up from NOW.

  2. Wished I saw this video a month ago. I was too late with DragonChain, bought it at $ 4 and Icon, bought it at $ 10. But hope they will still go 10x this year! I'm going watch every single video of yours. Subscribed!

  3. Hey Randall!! Can you let me know what you think on Modum or make a video? Supply chain in the Pharma industry, can be applied to multiple platforms, Currently ETH, But NEO & IOTA considered as alternatives as per the website. Pays a dividend, works essentially like a share- so regulation would not be a huge issue-Recently signed with a 5 bn revenue company and still market cap only at 110m- Circ Supply @18.266,200 so going to explode should the sensor product be rolled out effectively?!


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