1. I fell for the August 1st meme and I feel so fucking retarded. I sold my fucking ANS/NEO to get Bitcoin into a cold wallet, then I sold my Bitcoin for Fiat to wait for a "crash". Now I have to buy back in at fucking 4k ugh I want to kms.

    Anyways what are your guy's thoughts on BAT? Most of my portfolio is in BAT right now and I'm hoping to see it rise in the next few months to around 50 cent or something like that. I have been shilling the Brave browser to my friends n shit too

  2. Also, you have REDDCOIN (RDD) and VERGE another inexpensive amazing coin. With a tremendous adequate Tor Browser technology for the deep web……People, do you know the massive amounts of money that have to be trading in the dark Ć©conomy if you understand so you will buy VERGE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!? at that price is a gift: buy and hold?


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