1. Good health to everyone. I advise you to get acquainted with TokenGo's completely new and promising in its industry. A very nice and simple bounty charging system that will help you to start your long and successful journey even for the most stray souls 🙂 Convenient interface, fast support service and excellent development perspectives, what else is needed?

  2. UnikoinGold is a great buy if you're interested in the eSports industry. Great team behind it. Not to mention the people backing Unikrn. It's one thing to create a token and it's another thing to have a working model behind it. Unikrn is already working great. UnikoinGold is destined to be successful. Pretty impressive IMO.

  3. Salt sounds a lot like Populous. PPT has a bit of a head start though. SALT getting a TON of hype though. Thing about these lending business plans is that it will take years to see if they sink or swim. So of course if you can jump in and out for profit then do it, but your final holdings? Be prepared to let em collect dust for a good while.

  4. If I'm not mistaken, SALT ico is already started since August 15th. 2017-08-17 – Update on the bitcointalk thread saying there is 93% of 1 million SALT left at the price of 7.50$, the 2 previous categories (3$ and 5$) are already sold out. I don't know if YT let's me write links so just complete it yourself! Link: bitcointalkDOTorg/index.php?topic=2051305

    Thank you still for the video 🙂


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