1. Crypto Market Prediction 2018 & early 2019
    If you wana become rich in 2018 or early 2019, it is a chance for you to invest in “lowest total supply” coins listed on etherdelta and other exchanges. The coins having low total supply in just millions will soon jump to the moon. You can review other low total supply coins already jumped in price in a short time. My suggestion is to buy coins such as “Corethum, IBTC, Infinity pay, Droxne, Ereal, Coimatic-3, EUSD & Dimoncoin. These coins having lowest total supply and currently available in cents. Hurry up !

  2. I flipped some PAY in the crash, but I would revalue it if I were you. I love the card, will have one myself soon, but the tokens are worthless as the dividend till 2019-2020 is not even 5%, which is typical(to low) stock-dividends, which means it's way too small, especially for crypto, to be worthwhile.


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