• Coronavirus lockdowns have led to a surge in internet activity.
  • To manage the increased demand, Sony is throttling PlayStation downloads.
  • Users may experience slower or delayed downloads, but gameplay won’t be affected.

Is there a chunky patch you’ve been meaning to download? Or maybe you’ve just picked up Doom Eternal and are eager to get home to download that day one patch? Then you’re out of luck. PlayStation downloads are about to get even slower than they already are.

Sony Throttles PlayStation Downloads

Good luck downloading that Doom Eternal patch. | Source: id Software/Bethesda

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and president Jim Ryan announced today that PlayStation is throttling downloads to manage the surge in demand linked to coronavirus lockdowns.

In a PlayStation.Blog post, Ryan says PlayStation is working with internet service providers to “help preserve access for the entire internet community.”

He notes that an unprecedented number of people are staying home, upping internet traffic to record levels. Efforts to ensure internet speed parity to as many users as possible mean PlayStation downloads will be slower.

Ryan explains:

Players may experience…

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Author: Thomas Bardwell


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