Black Friday’s history is complicated. The U.S. tradition of shopping on the day after Thanksgiving dates back to the early 20th century, though the term wasn’t coined until the 1960s. Since then, the event has unravelled into a multiday scramble for door-busting deals; for some, it now begins on the day of Thanksgiving itself and has extended its influence into such offshoot events like Cyber Monday, a day of digital shopping discounts.

It has also given rise to Giving Tuesday. As its name implies, Giving Tuesday is meant to encourage philanthropy and charity in response to the consumerism that has come to define the days after Thanksgiving. 

And as sats-back programs like Fold and Lolli embrace the post-Thanksgiving traditions with their own deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, one organization wants to put Bitcoin at the forefront of Giving Tuesday.

Turning Giving Tuesday Into Bitcoin Tuesday 

The Giving Block, a nonprofit that provides bitcoin payment-processing solutions for charities and other nonprofits, is launching perhaps the widest-reaching bitcoin charity campaign for this year’s Giving Tuesday.

Bitcoin Tuesday, as it’s called, is calling all hodlers to…

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Author: Colin Harper


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