1. 0:27 Quickbits
    6:30 Introductions
    8:35 Blockchain Madness – Alex Bosworth
    11:55 Blockchain Madness – JW Weatherman
    14:37 Blockchain Madness – Rodolfo Novak
    18:56 Blockchain Madness – Francis Pouliot
    34:19 Facebook Renouncing Ad Ban – Rodolfo
    38:39 Facebook Renouncing Ad Ban – Francis
    42:38 Facebook Renouncing Ad Ban – JW
    54:33 Facebook Renouncing Ad Ban – Alex
    58:55 Bitmain approaching 51% – Alex
    1:04:38 Bitmain approaching 51% – Rodolfo
    1:10:18 Bitmain approaching 51% – JW
    1:16:24 Bitmain approaching 51% – Francis
    1:35:01 Contact info

  2. what type of coin would do well in 2019, I believe, privacy hybrids will take over as they have shown some form of stability already, POW coins have been belted with 51% attacks, like verge, i feel sorry for those holders, the only one i have come across is deeponion, i'm sure there are others if anyone can tell me.

  3. Totally relevant what Jeffrey says about protocol development being very difficult with only a few people in the world competent to do it. I recall Linus Torvalds, the inventor of Linux, saying in his auto-biography "Just For Fun" that he thought networking software was "nasty stuff" with the TCP/IP protocol one of the hardest parts of the whole system to get right. Communications software protocols have traditionally been very intricate, my former project manager described this part of the software platform as "a law unto itself" – its a kind of separate branch of software like compiler design, only for specialists. It requires a kind of rigorous thinking akin to pure mathematics.

  4. Thumbs up except JW pseudo logic Weatherman – take care he is starting to shift into scam mode himself. No JW – the ads just show that Google knows you hate ICO and like sliced cheese. You are so lame.


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