1. It´s quite easy to calculate: If TENX follows its raodmap, there will be 1M cards at the end of 2018, 10M at the end of 2019 and 50M at the end of 2020. Every card makes an average sales volume of about 200 USD/month (thats the average at visa f.e.), so the sales volume/year is 2.400 USD/card. 0.5 % of the sales volume is payed as reward to the token holders. There are 104M tokens which are justified to receive this reward (token which are owned by the company TENX or which are stored at an exchange are not justified). I would say that 5% is a realistic return of the most stock investments and so let´s take these 5 % to calculate the token price.
    Let´s go:
    End of 2018: 1M cards x 2.400 USD sales volume/card x 0,5% reward / 104M token = 0,115 USD reward/token
    if 0,115 USD correlate with 5 % return, the realistic token price is 2,31 USD

    End of 2019: 10 M cards … 1,15 USD reward/token …. token price 23,10 USD

    End of 2020: 50 M cards … 5,75 USD/reward/token … token price 115 USD

  2. TenX will hit approx. $10 in 2018, may even hit $20 depending on if it gets the USA permission, and also depending on it's competition Centra. I think both coins will do amazing in 2018.

  3. Too many adverts in your videos… they keep on interrupting and it's a nuisance … reduces the quality of your content… why not have the advert at the start or end of the video.


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