1. Hello Jimmy,
    Watched your interview with Ivan. Loved it. I have reached out to him already. How can I start my own ICO with no technical knowledge? I have a concept I though through and believe it would be successful with the right team. I can not even build a website, write a professional white paper etc. Thanks,

  2. Thanks Jimmy for everything you are doing in the crypto space, especially for Bitcoin! Q&A session was really enjoyable and interesting, apart from all the dumb questions about all these ICOs. I'd suggest to kindly ignore this nonsense and focus on the more important questions, especially the technical ones where Jimmy is always the right guy!

  3. Hey jimmy – there s a rumour of a new fork to bitcoin on 1-10 before the 2x-shit. Miners from china are said to launch this Bgold for their workless etherium computers…

  4. 3:36 What is the future of lightning network?
    4:50 What did you do before WCN?
    7:33 Can you define the marginal differences between Litecoin&Bitcoin? Atomic Swaps
    9:40 What steps will have to be taken before atomic swaps?
    10:45 Plans on bringing programming seminar to Toronto?
    11:40 Bcash miner Bitmain? What are the chances it will collapse?
    13:34 Bitcon as a store of value or payment system?
    16:28 Any risk keeping paper wallet on non-segwit address?
    17:43 Risks of selling Bcash while holding BTC?
    20:20 Thoughts on Bitcoin Godl?
    22:20 What happens after 21 million coins mined?
    23:47 Mobile wallets always expose that I have Bitcoin?
    25:01 Will Bitcoin prices fall with November hardfork?
    25:30 When will alternative wallets support segwit?
    27:12 Why do you make a face like paying taxes when answering questions?
    27:40 Do you regularly watch any altcoins?
    28:06 Have you ever mined in the past?
    29:00 China ICOs..?
    30:00 What is your favorite altcoin aside from Litecoin?
    30:20 Should we all use segwit or legacy transactions?
    31:14 How many BTC will be lost as people kick the bucket?
    32:40 If Segwit2x happens, how dev efforts from core team be affected?
    33:22 Why does WCN avoid talking about altcoins?
    35:53 Is there a problem with BTC fees & processing time?
    36:14 Which flavor do you like best?
    36:40 Do you get the same event sending between segwit and nonsegwit addresses?
    37:25 Fee markets in competition from on-chain..?
    38:07 What is going on with the South Korean market?
    39:51 Is it safe to send all funds to trezor segwit address?
    40:21 Is there any security risk with segwit addresses?
    40:57 Why are fees lower with segwit?
    42:00 Can anyone sell a home for Bitcoin?
    42:30 How can I get a segwit address?
    43:00 What does it mean for mining if transactions are off-chain?
    44:02 What did you do before discovering Bitcoin?
    44:30 What do you think of genesis & cloud mining?
    46:00 Do you not like altcoins because you have so much invested in BTC?
    46:58 Will Bitcoins do well during a recession?
    47:34 Release of schnorr signatures?
    48:15 What is your opinion of whitelist vs ICOs?
    48:34 Is Bcash vulnerable to transactin malleability?
    49:24 What is your view of BCash popularity in 2017?
    51:23 Should there be a reward to run a full node?
    52:51 If Bitcoin gets lightning, will it have a PoS attribute?
    55:53 Does BTC energy consumption concern you?
    1:02:20 Should US ban ICO investing?
    1:03:00 Why don't we use checkpoints?
    1:06:03 Why aren't merchants accepting Bitcoin?
    1:07:23 Big blockers trying to destroy Bitcoin, how is this in their favor?
    1:11:22 Is DAG more scalable?
    1:13:10 What is the drive to Bitcoin's value?
    1:15:35 What to add to BTC? Drivechains?
    1:17:53 Technical differences between Bitcoin and coins like Monero?
    1:20:23 When is your next conference?
    1:25:01 What is a good way to learn cryptocurrencies from a dev perspective?
    1:30:48 How do you know the other WCN members?
    1:31:45 Why doesn't Bitcoin use compression in blocks?
    1:36:55 Are these features from altcoins you'd like Bitcoin to adopt?

  5. Jimmy, I has a question. What happens when one country, say china for example decides to shut off Internet access to all other nations, yet their miners are faster than all others and when they come back online and their last block is higher than all others? Won't all my transactions in the mean time be wiped clean?


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