Microsoft has issued a chilling warning that many hospitals in the United States are at risk of bitcoin ransomware attacks right now amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Bitcoin Ransomware Attackers Target Hospitals

The giant software company said that “dozens” of hospitals are using vulnerable gateways and that this makes them easy targets for the REvil ransomware that is currently scanning the internet for these types of flaws. Last year, REvil ransomware distributors netted $287,000 in just 3 days from launching this kind of attack.

On Wednesday, Microsoft delivered warnings to the hospitals on its list that appear to be particularly at risk. On the company’s blog, its threat protection intelligence team wrote about healthcare organizations being particularly susceptible during the COVID-19 crisis. The article says that the company has identified several dozens of such hospitals and gives advice on how to act to avoid an attack.

This, the company stated was “a first-of-its-kind targeted notification” letting these establishments know about their vulnerabilities and the bad actors that are currently trawling the web. 

Microsoft Warn of Increasing Cyber Threats

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Author: Christina Comben


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