English Premiere Leage football club Manchester City (Man City) has announced a partnership with South Korean blockchain football gaming startup Superbloke.

Fans can support players through blockchain

Under the partnership announced by Man City on Aug. 26, Superbloke incorporates the club’s players into its blockchain-powered soccer game FC Superstars enabling fans to support the athletes through online gaming.

Following the partnership, Superbloke becomes Man City’s official blockchain-based Gacha partner in Korea, Japan and South East Asia, as the club announced.

FC Superstars is an online collectible decentralized application (DApp) where users can create and grow football star tokens and hold them as digital assets. By using the DApp, Man City’s fans can build and train a digital team by collecting and training Manchester City digital player cards using real-life match stats and in-game training, the press release notes.

Partnership was first unveiled in June

Superbloke, which unveiled the partnership in early June 2019, launched an open beta service of FC Superstars in April. At the time, the startup stated that it will also conduct various events and collaborations with…

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Author: Helen Partz


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