1. Hey Nick! You followed uranium equities & ETFs in a lot of videos a while back and haven't heard you talk about it in a while… I'd really like to hear your current thoughts on uranium and other materials that aren't as widely discussed (such as good, silver, platinum, metals group, oil, etc.). Another that comes to mind is your view on agriculture equities and water equities (multiple different faucets of the water industry 😉 – purification companies, sales companies, supply chain/transpersonal). I personally see water as a obvious necessary resource that is scarce with an outlook that is potentially not good, so I have some active longer term plays hinging on water demand rising. Always enjoy the videos! I invest across multiple markets so its nice to hear about them all and some correlations between them as opposed to always focusing on just crypto or equities

  2. I really liked seeing how you caught the trend with those indicators, a lesson in TA(: …but I don't venture outside of crypto… I really don't like holding physical gold and silver though they are metal obtained through mining earth which damages environment…its good you would deal with silver with that leverage trading. Canabis!!! Viola…its a interesting market, it would be good to ride the trend here, where as in crypto its accumulation period. This video was nice, dealth with TA, for a longish time we have been having on fundamentals of macro economics, so this was a change, anyway catch you Nicholus in another video!!

  3. Hello ant thx for infos. Can you give me some directions how to start buying/selling for example Aurora, gold, silver,… . Which platform or exchange to use? Any tutorials? THX!

  4. I used to watch your videos entirely, nowadays i can't get past the first 5 minutes or so before you start shilling some shitcoin again. You used to be about fundamentals, that has gone out the window some while ago…

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  6. Nick, I bet you 100 tomatoes you would update your top 10 alt coins for 2020 list to include $DAG! Air Force and getting closer with the DoD? Check it out broski

  7. If anyone can help Channel MarcoStyle recently got his youtube and twitch hacked. They are streaming an XRP Scam on his Channel. PLEASE ALL REPORT! If anything data dash can help to bring light to terrible situation would help because Youtube is doing nothing.


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