1. Concerning the re-brand I would've liked to see a change in the name too. Lisk sounds very much like Risk…I think the marketing guys could have done a better job.

  2. Oh man that is a sexy webpage. I almost came when the block followed me down on the create your custom blockchain section.
    Price has gone down though since relaunch. What will I do….buy more ; )

  3. Hey Randaal,
    nice video, a question.
    would you also want to do an info video about elastos, and give your opinion about it.
    I read the whitepaper,but coud't understand it all

    the team is fantastic, among others:
    Hongfei Da
    Independent Director
    Founder and CEO of NEO

    Rong Chen
    Project Founder and Planner
    Chairman of elastos Foundation
    Director of Tsinghua University iCenter
    worked for windows.

    Jizhe Xu
    Founder of Zeuux (A Community for Free Software Usage).

    and many other greats from the tech world.


  4. You're not forgetting, they really didn't have that much to show. If they did and it was truly amazing you wouldn't forget it, regardless of how tired you are. And I love Lisk.

  5. I dont understand why you guys are all that excited….. This was basically just a strong brand marketing campagin. NOTHING NEW ! Saying that the price drop during the event was because of bitcoin selloff is totally misleading. Long term investors of Lisk are waiting for the CORE to be rreleased for months. And still at this MAJOR event what we get? Not even a fcking release date. Wow thumbs up. And the website ? Oh yeah it looks very fancy now thanks to the pro german marketing agency working on it. BUT. Each and every section of the website says…. this section WILL do this this section WILL do that….. I am extremely disappointed. Lot of talk and will do's….. Nothing concrete. After this event was posponed from last year, many investors were excited to hear what they have achieved. But it was basically just graphical enchancement of their existing stuff. That is the reason of the price drop. Next time I'll be interested in Lisk is when they announce an exact release date for the CORE. Until then they wont see a penny from me. Smaller blockchain teams with much less money make far deeper technical developments without all this hype. Focus on programming Lisk. Forget about the fancy talk shows. Leave that for scammers….

  6. Very professional job. They did the right thing by getting the branding guy and PR guy…everything was top notch. Must have been great to be there in person. Core is being Alpha tested and in 4-6 weeks…and from there it is up. I am HODLing. A little put off by the delays but it looks worth the wait.

  7. Lisk needs to double or triple down on their engineering staff, stop over-designing, re-designing and consistently under-delivering. If they can do that they might actually deliver the whole damn ecosystem by the end of 2019. Just get v1 out the door. It will be immediately torn apart anyway. With something so huge like this monster, you can't buy the end-result and produce a diamond first release– not from any fancy (and super expensive) focus group mumbo jumbo. They will obtain the real requirements and arrive at the final design/product only after suffering the gauntlet of a few public releases. They all look bone tired already, and there isn't even a side-chain implementation yet. This is a classic death march– too much functionality, very high quality standards, yet too few engineers to actually deliver on the promised (imagined) dates. They need many more developers, devops and QA staff for each of the 4 renamed software modules. They either need to reduce the complexity or staff up for Armageddon if they cannot pare down this monster. They haven't even released an alpha SDK yet– after way over a year! They obviously cannot say it outright, but their faces nevertheless reveal the hard reality that over-committing on huge functionality results in chronic under-estimation and repeated missed delivery dates. The new "hub" was supposed to replace the prior explorer and wallet– yet that didn't happen today either. Missed again.

  8. The event made me change my mind. They prove that they are professionals and they will deliver only top quality products. LISK made Ethereum and NEO look like garbage this night. Their vision and systematic approach made me feel that this is not a child play project, like many others out there. They made me trust that my investment will be safe for many years now. The flawless user interface that they are going to implement will make a very big impact in terms of adoption. I'am a UX/UI designer myself and LISK let me a bit speechless tonight. The fact that they understood the importance of a user journey system is very important. I don't like predictions but this coin will soon hit triple digit price. Good job LISK team!

  9. Anyone who believes in this platform should not sell and be comforted after how well the relaunch went/ news announced + marketing will be amped up! Literally, 4 weeks or so until the SDK is released you guys!!!!


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