1. Saying that you can recover your data using a new device means that your data and coins info are stored somewhere in company database… What if the company get hacked and hackers had access to these data? how different is this from hacking a platform like the ones we hear about every now and then?

  2. I ordered from official ledger site and it doesn't have a tampering sticker. It does say inside that there is no sticker and there is a secure chip inside but still there should be a tampering sticker like why not. It did have the shrinkwrap though. So thats why i am watching videos and making sure that other don't have tampering stucker and just the shrinkwrap.
    Is it the same with you guys? Why would they get rid of these sticker? Or did someone mess with my device. It looks untouched and new thou

  3. Let's say I've generated a paper wallet, that has a public and private key.
    Now, how do I receive and send bitcoins to it?
    How do I track the various Send and Receive transactions with this paper wallet?
    Can it even be done?

  4. Reason why I don't like paper wallet, is because they are one-time use only. You have to transfer the entire funds off each time. Then make a new wallet, deposit the balance. If you only withdraw a portion, then the rest of your funds can be lost locked out forever. From what I understand.

    So this is why I would invest in a physical ledger, because I can move funds back and forth to it as many times as I want.

  5. I just ordered mine and is on the way. meanwhile  I have a few question

    1.  I had the ledger nano S, but i lost the 24 secret word. How can i re do it ?
    2. I lost/ damange my ledger nano s But i have the 24 secret word. How can i get back my fund if a. i don't want to buy another ledger nano S b. i get another ledger nano S.

  6. I just set up my new Ledger Nano S and I carefully wrote down the 24 words, but when it asked me to verify word #5, I selected that word and it said it was not correct. Then it asked me to verify another word and it also was not correct, then 2 more and it said it was correct and that it is now set up. I'm nervous that 2 of them were not correct when verifying. I did not put any crypto on this wallet yet due to this issue. I set a message on the Ledger Nano site to ask for help. Any advise?

  7. Was about to buy a Ledger S through your affiliate link to support your channel and then I saw the 23.70 Euro shipping fee, what a ripoff. I'll have to source one locally. Keep up the great content.


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