1. Did you notice identity (in as mentioned about Facebook) is something central to getting social networks integrated, I think usernames on blockchains like Dash is going to release later this year is possibly part of the puzzle needed to get this all to work. Have a look at what the standards bodies are doing with WebAuthN (FIDO2), integration in Windows, Apple, Linux, iOS and Android. And just plain USB-token.

  2. I am on almost all of them as I like to test them out. At the moment I always return to STEEM as there is so much going on. They had a management change and also a separate group went off and developed Steem-Engine.com I have already launched my own token and NFTS! There are a lot of changes in the works to try and address the issue of bots too.

  3. Well explained. I like the work lbry is doing and hope they get even more user friendly, as time goes on. Also unstoppabledomains is doing a good job too. They now have a browser and website tool with templates one can use with the domains. Early days yet. But at least they are bringing out new stuff.

  4. the chinese govt has found a way to block steemit.com, and users need to find other domains to access steemit. this shows that we DSMs need somebody to get us onto unstoppable domains and make it financially viable, like who's gonna pay the domain bill to get it started

  5. Hello Crypto Tips, thank you for mentioning and joining us at SoMee. We left some comments and tips on the post you made on your SoMee profile. Aside from that if you would like to discuss further please respond to this thread and we would be glad to have a member of our team join your live stream or help in any way. Great video btw and thanks again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. How can you change a hurdle mentality? You don't, the change will do it, and the change is you.
    Stop playing with the external world and start paying attention to yourself and find out what zero-sum game do you play.
    DSM developers still missing a great win-win game for themselves. And then when they don't, the relativity of time will suck everybody onto it.
    From you, we always get a good one. Thank you

  7. Yah, Im surprised Social Media got so big, even though we knew of the abuse of information…..What are some other options for the masses…..I know of D-tube and Steemit, what other working Decentralized Social Medias are out there? anyone?

  8. Great video, I used Howdoo for a while, but they are having trouble or doing update on app, so have not been on it for a while. It's ok put needs a lot of work still.


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