Can a YouTube influencer survive for a day by only spending Bitcoin (BTC)? Ryan Trahan tried this out as a part of his series of stunts and challenges.

Buying Food With Bitcoin was the Most Difficult Task

Trahan started off at a whooping milestone, being a “one-coiner”. He was handed one gleaming Bitcoin at the start of the video and promptly set out to buy breakfast.

His first attempt ended in a failure, as food trucks said a no to his requests for BTC payments. Eagle, Texas, has a single Thai restaurant that promised to accept Bitcoin. Luckily, Ryan Trahan managed to get a meal, but he had to cheat and use another method to pay. The restaurant only tested the waters with BTC, accepting the coins for a few months in the past. Coinmap, the app showing locations that accept Bitcoin, revealed only outdated locations and restaurants that were not in business.

Trahan did manage to pay for a haircut at his local barbershop, immediately using his mobile wallet. The bill came to $35, which was just a fraction of a BTC. Trahan spent Bitcoin at a rate of about $9,100 per coin, and since the video’s launch, the price is a bit closer to $9,400.

Hitching a Ride and Hotel Worked with…

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Author: Christine Vasileva


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