1. Well done. It's not really my problem though since I live in the states. So I just buy 2000 usd worth of Bitcoin every payday and go on with my life. I live a somewhat frugal lifestyle which resulted in my house and vehicles getting paid to zero, that allows me to put 2k into bitcoin (even on mechanic wages) and it's totally painless.

    When my time to become bitcoin retired rolls around I'm doubtful that I'll ever cash in large amounts of BTC. Instead I'll limit my yearly capital gain to 38 thousand. That will keep my income tax at zero (according to the IRS rules on long term capital gains).

    I have this dream of being a wandering mechanic for Permaculture communities and small organic farms. I won't be able to accept cash for my work but i can accept hospitality, a place to park my RV, and non-monetary things. One of the main reasons I got into Bitcoin in the first place was to get out of the conventional financial system. I don't give a rip about lambos, I want freedom.

  2. Thanks for the information about IEO. Finally a new term for all of us to to look into. IEO seems at least could be a better idea. It is very true, rules need to be in place to everyone. Make it a level playing field. thanks for sharing. Sincerely JR

  3. You said you are almost ready to be off fiat. Do you own several nodes or have a lot of btc or what? No dought you are very intelligent. Tell me your secret. Do you hold or invest in certain coins or tokens. Which ones do you like for yourself. Please

  4. Heidi Thank you so much for staying consistent through this BIG Whale Squeeze! You have been an excellent source of beneficial information through my whole Crypto life (July17-pres) and you have totally gotten your grove gurl, and thank goodness you dropped that background music back in you earlies lol. Keep doing what you doing


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