IBMR, an economic development reserve and advisory, announced it has raised $3.48 million as an investment seed into the ARCC Currency Reserve, a basket of cryptocurrencies that include ALGO, BTC, and BNB as well as 700,000 USD in seed investments for US-based tech start-up companies.

Funding comes directly from Borderless Capital (formerly Algo Capital) and others, and coincides with the official world premiere listing of the ARCC token on BiKi Exchange, a community-driven exchange with over 2 million registered users based in Singapore.

The reserve financing builds on a momentous time for IBMR (International Blockchain Monetary Reserve) who recently announced the launch of its microfinance platform and a dedicated token to promote financial inclusion in Southeast Asia. The injection of funding will help back the value of ARCC’s micro-asset token and ensure ARCC’s long-term viability as an accessible and distributed reserve currency for the region. ARCC provides the incentive for participation in the microfinance asset management platform and is issued as an Algorand Standard Asset, ASA, token.

“Borderless Capital is focused on bootstrapping innovative…

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