1. Guys – do you understand how ERC20 dapps work? How can makerDAO not mint if they are a stablecoin. All ERC20 dapps upgrade – would you write an app that can't be upgraded. The GOVERNANCE IS CENTRALIZED, the EXECUTION is DECENTRALIZED. Ether is designed so that the source contract manages transfers – any contract can freeze transfers. There is so much misinformation – please don't be an echochamber to bash a great innovation – focus on the first and only liquidity token that does not need a buyer or seller at other end of transaction. Yes, bancor screwed up (insider, poor key management, bug) but the design is awesome and you want to trust bancor for exchange, like you trust all the code you execute.

  2. I am glad I received my npxs token airdrop onto bancor. That wallet on the bancor exchange for npxs is somehow available to receive these profit tokens. Considering that it was npxs and etherium which was stolen. I am going to take my inquiry regarding the contract to consider that it was a wallet were the hole for an attacker was found to exploit. Yeah I am eager to take your classes. I’m totally strung out on this since I wrote my own Blockchain.

  3. Yeah My credit card was clone and now charge me lot money in banco azteca here in Mexico. now tousands credit have been cloned in Mexico city. bad issue many people suffering that. even the earthquake in Mexico city many people was homeless. due to that earthquake. give them debit cards with money the goverment. for rebuilt ther houses. then show to the atm or bank money was gone due to the clone.

  4. most of the true smart money left for third-generation projects or newer if I had to guess. For many truly-well connected in this space, I'm sure these revelations are old news. Just have to wait and see where the market goes next

  5. Ivan can you do a video covering Pantos , native token is $PAN . This project sounds very interesting to me and has massive potential it can help bring the whole crypto community together. Some of the biggest names are involved. NEM BTC ETH WAVES LISK KMD. Check it out. Thanks for all your effort your videos are great very informative.

  6. Crucial to know that the Bancor Token has the pause function. Bancor has no ability to pause any other tokens on their network or in general. The ability to pause tokens in the event of an emergency is also not unique to BNT. Other tokens with pause functions include: EOS, Tron, Icon, OmiseGo, Augur, Status, Aelf, Qash, and Maker.

  7. Vacation ? Guys.. this proves it, Ivan said before he will do a show each day, he doesnt care what day it is, but now we get it, he was shilling because he isnt Decentralized enough to operate daily like clockwork, like a blockchain.
    So question is … Ivan decentralized enough , and also, pants ?


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