2019 has been quite a roller coaster year for the cryptocurrency market in general, with cryptocurrency adoption being at the forefront of discussions among tech circles. While many pundits and analysts have linked to other developments such as the emergence of cryptocurrency ETFs or the introduction of crypto friendly rules in many countries for the surge of adoption, the impact of crypto wallets have stood out as the main pillar behind cryptocurrency adoption.

Cryptocurrency wallets have been under the limelight for a variety of different reasons. From Venezuelan President Nicholas Madura’s meeting with top officials of wallet companies such as Trezor, to the recent removal of a ban that was imposed on Ethereum’s Metamask wallet by Google’s Playstore, it is quite clear that crypto wallets play a huge role within the global cryptocurrency community.



The cryptocurrency space houses some of the most talented tech wizards on a global scale, with several such solutions being introduced in the past with a key focus on innovation.  As 2020 begins, many newcomers attracted by the sudden surge in cryptocurrency usage around the world may be attracted towards using…

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