Characters from the My Crypto Heroes game. Source: a video screenshot, My Crypto Heroes

A new report from DappRadar, a dapp data aggregator, claims that Ethereum (ETH) is now leading the field in blockchain gaming, with both EOS (EOS) and Tron (TRX) “falling away” in 2019, despite the merits of both competitor platforms.

The report’s authors claim that growth in the Ethereum dapp (decentralized application) ecosystem has been spurred by a wider upward trend in the gaming sector – one that EOS and Tron have benefited less from.

They write,

“2019 has witnessed Ethereum reinforce its primary position for blockchain gaming as the challenge of seemingly more capable blockchains such as EOS and Tron has fallen away.”

And despite the spike in user activity, monetization is still an issue, per the report, which notes that only a few game operators use their own ERC20 tokens, with most making use of tradable non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Also, as the Ethereum blockchain is a popular means for gaming dapps developers to create NFT marketplaces, “in the vast majority of cases, we’re not talking about entire games running on the blockchain.”

In either case, mention…

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Author: Tim Alper


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