Misha Lederman, the vocal support of Tron and the advisor of Tron Wallet, has his guns pointed at Ethereum. Citing the high number of pending Ethereum transactions and the network’s low throughput, Misha is questioning whether dapp developers would have any incentive to build and launch their products or services on the pioneer smart contracting platform. This, in his view, has been made worse by high gas and transaction fees.

26k Pending ETH Transactions

At pixel time, there are over 26k pending transactions. Ethereum–unlike Tron, which has adopted the delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, is plagued by scalability concerns.

Ethereum Pending Transactions

However, sacrificing speed, analysts figure out that the network is far more decentralized and more secure than Tron. Securing and confirming the Tron platform are…

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Author: Dalmas Ngetich


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