1. Airdrops are scary to me for some reason.. I don't know why.. I just feel clumsy about privacy and I like my contributions to hedge on the side of the most wealth redistribution and value creation. Ending war and poverty and ignorance. That's what I put my money on. Bearish cryto haters and fiat statist may kindly step aside. The Bulls are coming back to town and we have a massive chip on our shoulders

  2. братцы из России смотрите на эту монету внимательно!это реальная мощь, у меня есть полный обзор почему, посмотрите -офигеете

  3. Coinomi mobile wallet said on their Twitter they will support the airdrop if you're holding etc at the snapshot time. Trying to confirm. ClassicEtherWallet works but I used their ENS and could never successfully resolve my name to my address. Kind of buggy still. Makes me nervous. Coinomi, on the other hand, has pretty decent customer support. Anyone can confirm coinomi support for CLO airdrop?

  4. There are just way too many basic smart contract platforms. It’s time to put up or shut up. They’re overpriced and many will get crushed. There will only be a few winners.


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