Since the major bull market of 2017, the price of the native digital asset on the Ethereum network has not performed so well. However, that has not dampened every commentator’s spirit for ETH going forward.

One cryptocurrency analyst believes that Ether (ETH) will outperform every asset during the next decade. Whereas Bitcoin was the investment of the 2010s, for them, the 2020s will belong to Ethereum.

Ethereum’s Past Price Action Looks a Lot Like Bitcoin’s, Only Bigger…

As the first decade of the new millennium drew to a close just 10 days ago, many publications, NewsBTC included, lauded the performance of Bitcoin over the preceding 10 year period. With the price of Bitcoin at the start of 2010 being somewhat hazy, estimates of the actual percentage gains range somewhere between 60,000 and 90,000 percent.

Whichever figure you use, the story is the same. Bitcoin outperformed every other asset on the planet over its first 10 years of existence. Coming in second was Ethereum. The top non-crypto investment was Netflix at around 4,300 percent.

If Bitcoin was the investment of the 2010s, Ethereum might well be the investment of the 2020s. That is, if the price continues to…

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Author: Rick D.


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