1. Great video! Thanks Ivan.
    Maybe someone already mentioned it, but Unreal Engine is a C++ engine. It does have it's "Blueprints" node system on top of that.
    But, the point is that one might find talented people for EOS development in that community.
    Just a thought 🙂

  2. Crypto is the only thing I know where smart sources of honest info can turn into scam shills in less than a month. Ivan is shilling EOS, David Hay is shilling DASH. Richard Heart is shilling his own BTC fork. This shit is depressing.

  3. I have both Etherium and EOS…I like them both. EOS may fail or may skyrocket…5 Etherium costs $3000USD, why would you not risk $140 and buy 10 EOS and see where it goes…You have both apple and Windows (2 platforms) working, why can not both cryptos not do well. I just think its worth the risk if you havent any eos. Could be a game changer. Etherium was once $14USD. When etherium firt strated they had to prove themselves, just as EOS has to.

  4. Dear Friends,

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