The Dow and broader U.S. stock market rose on Wednesday, shrugging off early volatility as rising oil prices boosted energy shares.

Global equities were much more subdued amid concerns that another trade war was unfolding between two neighboring Asian economies.

Dow Rallies; S&P 500, Nasdaq Follow

All of Wall Street’s major indexes advanced, overcoming a volatile pre-market for Dow futures. The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 213.40 points, or 0.83%, to 25,991.30.

dow jones industrial average chart
Dow Jones Industrial Average claws back toward 26,000 on Wednesday. | Source: Yahoo Finance.

The broad S&P 500 Index of large-cap stocks gained 0.52% to 2,884, with most sectors reporting gains.

Slumping energy shares put downward pressure on the Nasdaq, which underperformed the Dow and S&P 500. The technology-driven average rose 0.30% to 7,850.62.

Japan-South Korea Trade War?

japan south korea trade war
Another trade war risk has emerged… | Source: Shutterstock

Trade relations between Japan and South Korea soured last Friday after Tokyo dropped its Asian neighbor as a preferred…

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Author: Sam Bourgi


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