1. Should've talked a bit about THE REVOLUTION OF GREED, which dwells beneath all the speech. Ironic is to have Blockchain for freedom and decentralization, but greedy corp-ses have already taken advantage of it. WTF! Now comes the fake crypto Facebook LIBRA to spoil it all… FTA! …Intelligentsia Wars is the next age… FIA!

  2. I've read his book, and I've watched his video's. He's a snake oil salesman, pure and simple. There is no use case for blockchain that can't be solved better with existing technology. Notice the lack of specifics in his briefing. All hype, no substance.

  3. This has me convinced Don Tapscott is controlled opposition to the current system. Be critical of what he says. Anyone who meets with central bankers is not looking out for the peasants like you. He touts democracy as the only way. That's not innovative thinking. He's not revolutionary. He's not fighting the current system. He's a spokesman for controllers of a new system. I am in favor of a lot of the progressing technology, but after watching many videos of Don, I am convinced he is more of the same… controlled opposition by the central bankers. Don has done quite nicely for himself with the current system. Don is promoting a system that sounds great unless you are a criminal. It's not hard for the state to turn people into criminals. All this tech is going to track us much more than today. Do you really trust someone who works with central bankers to look out for you?

  4. Wow, Had to watch that several times because I'm a bit thick but eventually sat and wrote down every point in a notebook. That was amazing just what I needed to begin to understand the space. Thank you Don

  5. Behavior does not tend toward trust and beauty. It tends toward exploitation and absurdity. (Research starling nesting behavior, just as a small example.)
    And were an A.I. ever to control our "trustless" blockchain algos, and learn from our money-grubbing exploitative ways, well… beauty? – or an even greater absurdity? πŸ™‚ But I could be wrong (and I hope I am.)
    That said, I'm still a big fan of Bitcoin, and disintermediation in general.

  6. This guy is completely missing the point. Cryptocurrency is a liberation of people from financial institutions and unbanking the global citizens once and for all. all these supposed new economies being birthed by blockchain technology is a joke both in terms of their feasibility and scale compared to what Bitcoin will make possible.

  7. As he says on @59:20 "Forget about bitcoin". Blockchain will be adopted by central authorities, but the currencies we are investing in now will be worthless in the future. Play around with it while it's profitable, just make sure you exit into FIAT at the right time.

  8. 8:50 This is FALSE. Blockchain is NOT peer-to-peer. There is a middle-man (ie. the network). Even if transacting on a decentralized network, the network still has ability to reject the transaction if you fail to meet their undisclosed demands, which is usually a "miner's fee", and you have to guess at how much the fee is or be subject to waiting hours/days/weeks/months/infinity for the transaction to be processed.


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