From 29 August to 30 August 2019, the two-day Hanoi Innovation Summit 2019 was held at the Hanoi National Convention Center in Hanoi, Vietnam.

In recent years, the Vietnamese government has been actively keeping in touch with Blockchain technology, which has rendered Vietnam a good environment to develop Blockchain technology and applications, and thus Vietnam gained an opportunity to become one of the Blockchain Innovation Centers in Southeast Asia in the coming years. The summit, sponsored by Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment, and co-sponsored by SCHOOLAB, STARTUP SESAME, had one topic of Emerging Economies and focused on six themes of “Consumer Technology, Environment, Life Sciences, Smart Cities, Job Opportunities and Logistics”, with nearly 3,000 entrepreneurs, investors, industry scholars from all over the world sharing professional insights in relevant fields.

BitCherry, a distributed e-commerce network project and also the only Blockchain e-commerce project invited to the summit, had its representatives of the Vietnamese community and its opinion leaders attended the convention. On site, BitCherry Vietnamese community representatives shared…

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