1. why you talk too much about Venezuela, Venezuela is a Dictator government, and business leave from danger, business dont want to be in a place where rules do not apply and not body respect the law, is a dictator government….Not mention more that Dictator government.

  2. with Digibyte in the space why do we need Nano? Isn´t DGB fast enough? The tech is approved so why take a risk with Nano? on the dpos side I would say that the upcoming one from Matrix.Ai might be way better don´t you think? They will use random principle as far as I understood it

  3. For NANO TEAM ; for price / fiat strategy you should signature some agreements with banks like xrp also for other stockmarket … Tech ok so important but it is not enough for price …pls you should do good Marketing it’s neccessary firstly for you secondly for us…
    Marketing Marketing Marketing
    With- Banks with stockmarkets -( dream with gold ) – with producers ( industry)…

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  5. What differentiates Nano from any old EOS-based shitcoin? Both are free and instant, and the network is no more decentralized with most delegated validator nodes being hard coded. The only difference I can see is that Nano can't interact with smart contracts and can't scale as well since the DAG can't incorporate side chains.

  6. Hey Nicholas, almost to the end of the video, with all the anecdotes and opinions you gave, it seemed like you interviewed yourself. I am a loyal listener, so hopefully you don't take this as trolling


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