1. Hallo Boxmining : @ your Forum Question "What's your favorite ""Top 5"" market cap coin right now?" – Where is ADA ? That is not correct, Cardano is right now number 5 @cap and you just marginalize them ? I do not think that's fair….Otherwise, as always good job

  2. Really appreciate having Michael's input directly from China. He has valuable insights for people who someone like me who follows only Western news sites.

  3. Tweeted by MyEtherWallet 9-Jan 2018 "MEW is not compromised. They are either maliciously spreading FUD to harm others, maliciously spreading FUD to boost their own coin's price, or just so incompetent and were confused. Regardless, it's a stupid lie."

  4. Let the people of Canada mine in peace. Make a petition and send to the government of your country in order not to let the Chinese mine in Canada or anywhere else in the world. They will export their unfair practices in our world. No thanks !

  5. If this MEW hack is at the DNS / ISP level then how did they do it ? People working for ISP's ? What is the best option to using Windows ? Is Ubuntu a good OS way to store cryptos that are not supported by a hardware wallet ?

  6. Chinese money greed has no limit. They poison our economy because they want to win it all and don't share anything. For people who live in China we have a word : Chinese never look for a win-win and balance deal but a double win where they win it all. That leaves the world with very little. That's their mindset. So we should ban them from mining. Since they benefit from almost free electricity in China, they mine with a competitive advantage no other miners have in the world. The Chinese miners were granted this advantage by the Chinese government itself. But look, Chinese miners are so greedy that even their own government stop back them. Get a brain an think of it.

  7. This guy never say anything bad about cryptos. Keep on shilling even crypto dont have any useful except code or software. If developers created a coin and make billions marketcap,what make u think they dont want to make another coins and write crazy promise white paper but really no one ever use ETH,or NEO.


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