1. Where are all the crypto chicks in my city?! The only girls I know who have any crypto are ones that I told about Bitcoin and had to explain Coinbase to… I need to find a girl who is on my level with the portfolio :-D!

  2. I just have one problem with your videos.. why don't you just put yourself in a small screen as almost any crypto youtube man does? Your face is much prettier than them! xD Jokes aside I think we connect much more with human faces than with a pc screens. This could definitely help you to earn more followers 😉 btw love your videos. Very synthetic !

  3. Why would you want to put a bull's eye on someone who was never charged with a crime. This "movement" to castrate every man out there has got to stop. My God; the women are going after guilty after drunk encounters they claim that they've decided were not to their benefit! Yes, let's string him up.
    We don't have to go along with the rumors. But you decided to do that; you are part of the movement that will assure any man can be accused and proven guilty by the media just because.


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