• Wuhan reportedly has cured patients with coronavirus by injecting plasma from recovered individuals.
  • The breakthrough could help minimize the outbreak in key areas like Hubei.
  • President Xi Jinping said China is seeing progress in combating the outbreak.

Wuhan is said to have treated individuals in critical condition affected by coronavirus by injecting blood plasma from patients that have recovered from the virus.

First big milestone in containing coronavirus in China

Dovey Wan, founding partner at Primitive Crypto, shared a brochure from local hospitals in Wuhan asking for blood donations from individuals that fully recovered from coronavirus.

She said:

This is a major milestone if true. Various Wuhan hospitals have treated people in critical condition successfully by injecting plasma from who have recovered from coronavirus with neutralizing antibodies. Now they are calling for blood donation from recovered ones in all outlets.

Brochure about coronavirus blood donation shared by local hospitals in Wuhan (Source: Dovey Wan Twitter)

Last month, China’s top virologist Yi Guan said that the golden window of containment for coronavirus was…

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Author: Joseph Young


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