1. Hello The Right Trader, I don't know how to contact you except here.
    Let me introduce myself, my name is Roger
    I actually invested in the platform and I stayed during
    2018 and 2019 on discord with many people who have invested
    also in bitconnect. As you could see a site under the name of
    was born, and if you watch their manifesto video you will be able to hear there that they affirm that bitconnect was not a scam at the beginning but which has was later corrupted.
    In this video you can also see that they say they want to compensate the victims by exchanging the old BCC at the new RBCM coin.
    Know that the BCC community is still screaming scam, and therefore the admins of Realbitconnect have decided to simply make an airdrop by asking BCC holders to provide video proof of their wallet with BCC.
    After that many people actually received an airdrop from RBCM the new coin and even a youtuber was able to withdraw his funds in USDT here is the video 4:31.
    The platform has just authorized its first withdrawals from its first investors
    Here is my little video on the subject
    They also come from creating their own forum because they have been banned from several platforms.
    I honestly think now after having followed them for a few months that they are really serious and do what they say – They are available 24/24 on telegram at this address @realbitconnect_admin.

    I am for justice and for the rebalancing of wealth and especially against the monopoly of the banking system.

    On my discord in the channel ⚡real-story-of-bitconnect you will be able to read an exchange with on one side questions asked by one of the bcc coin and bccx developer (who doesn’t had nothing to do with the marketing team aka the promoters aka the scammers) and the responses from the realbitonnect admins.

    Bitconnect remains anonymous like bitcoin and is the only other crypto that is truly anonymous. You can read on their site and their manifestos that they have totally the same values ​​as what is written in the Bitcoin whitepaper.

    I think that with the multitude of business opportunities that you have right now you will not take into account all that I have just written but maybe not. Maybe you are real revolutionary like me like all the others who know that the banking system fucks us and that the only solution is to achieve a complete decentralization of cryptos and of course created Real DEX No ike these binance dex and other bullshits that go through gateaways and remain centralized.

    Finally I finish by, after you have read and been informed about all this IF and I say well IF that caught your attention.

    The admins wait for your offer to make a video review on the project.

    You can contact them here via telegram @realbitconnect_admin
    or [email protected]

    Best Regards

  2. yet another nay saying hateri guess. bitconnect has proven itself for almost a year and a half now. i have been in them from the beginning and have earned money every day. they lowered the 1st level ref comish to 5%from 7% because no 7% was not possible and since they are legit they had to make it possible. since you don't believe in it i'll take anyone under my care that wants to earn in bitconnect. i made 800.00 this week without even trying. here is more detailed information about bitconnect. there are no red flags that can be proven.
    current price is 440.00, it follows bitcoin leaps and drops. it was up to almost 500 dollars the last time before the bitcoin bubble burst but it's coming back now. another you probably don't like is davorcoin which is growing just as fast as bitconnect did when it started. it was up to 80.00 yesterday and growing.

  3. Ponzi Schemes aren’t actually always literal schemes to maliciously rob people of their money. social security, the stock market, network marketing, those are “legal” Ponzi Schemes, much like bitconnect is probably a Ponzi Scheme, but I’ve never seen one with a bot loan feature. I hope this goes far.

  4. It has parts of ponzi scheme definitely. But with "normal" ponzi scheme, the pyramid has to go into "infinity", other way it will collapse. Here you have max 7 levels. And the whole platform isn't built around it. They have their own coins and they're not operating entirely on Bitcoin (the rumor is that they bought large amount before launching the platform). The platform seems sustainable as long as people will pour money into it. Fucking over their users isn't in their best interest.

  5. I think you were 100% spot on with your analysis. 100%. HOWEVER, one way to look at this whole thing is this; "how much money can I afford to literally flush down the toilet and really not care?" For some, it may be $1. For others it could be $100, or $1000, etc. So, why not "gamble" right? Billions of dollars are lost in casinos every year, imagine if that money leaves the casinos and floods the crypto space? I'll stop here.

  6. I would just also add the red flag of exchanges. No really major exchanges and the largest volume is on their own exchange. Yes, BCC trades the most on an exchange expressly for trading BCC by BCC constituents and more likely, devs. I think the BCC exchange is a big part of their success and actually contributes to their success because of the unregulated ecosystem. Basically, they can inside trade their own stock to the immediate benefit of shareholders. W-T-F.. LOL But yeah, where are the faces? I think I heard some lambos were sent to some of the big bcc earners but that was done without revealing bcc dev ID's. It's really risky and i would only trade it, not hodl. Oh yeah.. and what happens to the price of other coins when this goes belly-up? This is another Mt Gox ticking time bomb…

  7. Lending makes it all possible. Because the more people lend bcc the more the price goes up. If you hold on to the coin you could even get greater returns than actually signing up on their platform.

  8. Those who got scammed are those who believed Bitconnect was a scam and didn't invest and missed huge profits.
    "The fox that does not reach the grapes and says' unripe"

  9. I just realized BitConnect's market cap went to $569 million. What the hell happened and most importantly. WHY ISN'T THE PRICE DROPPING??? It's market cap has been reduced to 1/4 of what it was but its the same price…WTF??

  10. Matt, I like your updates a lot! But this one is definitely the greatest PONZI of ALL times. The question is not IF, it is WHEN! :)))) I´ll bet whatever you want it will crush at some point.


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