As we are entering a period of accumulation and mass adoption, the use cases of crypto still remain unclear for everyday individuals that debate the value and impact it will have in society. While businesses and institutional investors are starting to implement blockchain into their business practices, crypto enthusiasts are still trying to find ways in which Bitcoin can affect the average person throughout their daily lives. Bitplaza has provided an exceptional use case for enthusiasts and common individuals alike, acting as an application where people can purchase common goods with cryptocurrency. Available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store, Bitplaza is a transparent and intuitive marketplace that lists popular items by category and the corresponding price in Bitcoin. By providing a large range of categories and products, Bitplaza is implementing next generation shopping with a clean interface, engaging customer support and rapid shipping.

As many bitcoin enthusiasts look for use cases for the cryptocurrency, they are faced with the unfortunate reality that many vendors are hesitant to accept it due to its volatility. However, with mainstream adoption continuing…

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