1. I agree w/ Michael about his perspective on the alt bubble. People are hungry for an easy profit and are investing in projects without much infrastructure let alone proven infrastructure. Based off similar events, I could see an eventual consolidation of the money in Alts to the top tier coins.

    regarding segwit

    I have no issue w/ the hesitation of btc miners to signal for segwit. It allows the concept of segwit to be proven on other networks before risking bitcoins image. Once it is successful and proven, btc miners would gain incentive to signal or else risk loosing user base.

  2. Hiya from the UK. Great show. Could you do a little chat on Golem by any chance? P.S Check out the new Crypto news" page on WikidVid.com. Yes you are featured on it, and if anyone has idea's of how to improve it. ie; what should be on there that isn't there at the moment what isn't so good etc.etc. Love & peace always to all from the UK. Rea. .

  3. Jihan Wu has blocked me on twitter… LOL Must have struck a nerve… The truth hurts… Guess he doesn't like being called a sociopathic, greedy, power hungry, psychopath! That's just my opinion though! LOL

  4. Regarding the rising price of bitcoin, I think my point is that there are NEW demand verticals for bitcoin for sure. A burgeoning sector of the information security world is ransomware and other criminal activity. The real world use cases for bitcoin are growing at the same rate or greater than the rate at which the criminal underworld rolls out new scams. This should be regarded as super-good news for the long term price of bitcoin.


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