1. Michael, I gpu mine Monero. That's actually how I found your channel, I was looking for tutorials on how to get setup. I currently have an AMD Radeon 7870 in my daily computer, and I chopped up an old Emachines and adjusted the bios to setup my other rig with a GTX 970 and a 560 ti. I have got everything I have second hand. $260 total spent on gpus, and $75 on power supplies. And the Emachines was given to me as a non working computer. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. you make good videos but sometimes not very accurate šŸ™‚ for a channel named boxmining… Plug the ethernet cable and that asic will get x2 or x3 louder. Other than that, keep up the good work m8

  3. Got me a whole bunch of these things warming my warehouse through out the winter – oh and earning BTC. And don't forget. those BTC were earned by performing a crucial function in the network.


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