1. You're absolutely right that this is not a time to wait for a 33% to 40% drawdown. From mid December 2016 to mid December 2017, BTC went from under 1K to almost 20K. There had been several huge drawdowns along the way. This is an extreme example of unsymmetric risk. Drawdowns, or not, 20x is still 20x. The trend is upward. Trying to time the drawdowns can mean losing much of the growth. IMHO, waiting for drawdowns, or attempting to time them, in BTC at this time, is a fool's mission.

    Regarding Tone Vays: Tone sees pretty much everything in extremes. His claim to fame had been that he was the best known Bitcoin maximalist who predicted the bear market. Now he has an ego investment in maintaining that sort of position. From 5K to 12K Tone was saying "This rally is bullshit." At 12K to 13K Tone starts talking about a possible "trend reversal". That is a 140% return on investment that we just passed up by not hodling through the "bullshit rally". Even then Tone won't say that it is possible that he might have been wrong, only that the charts may NOW suggest it is a good time to hold Bitcoin, but it still isn't certain. Way to go Tone.

  2. Thanks for the video. BTW, if anyone is interested I found a really interesting crypto project called "Pi". It's a crypto that is based on people using their phones and our own social networks. It's currently in BETA testing now, and you can earn pi really easily using your phone. Go to your app store and look for "Pi Network Lite" (Google Play Store) or something similar in iphone app store. You will need the referral code "hyrumg" to gain access to the Pi Network through the app. Anyways, check it out and good luck!

  3. Contrary to popular opinion, last time there was a recession, gold and silver also plummeted as people sold off their stores in order to pay their bills.

    I'm not sure why this is a recurring theory since it seems to lack any historic underpinning. Also, logically when there is a recession that is the time people will be least likely to have spare cash to invest in something high risk like crypto, and they will more likely need to cash in on their profits in order to make up for lost jobs and lowered salaries

  4. Worst article ever written. After the halving's in the past bitcoin skyrocketed and mining increased because it was more profitable up until December of the following year. Miners might shutdown a little by December 2021 but not right after the having as that's the most profitable time ever.

  5. The Awakening Dragon – With the mass scaling in block size in bitcoin (BSV), miners will continue get rewarded well because with upgrades there are far more transactions per block. Can you imagine blocks at 2GB and more? The Metanet is being built on the BSV blockchain, and there is more bitcoin to be made than you can presently imagine! lol.

  6. Hey Nick – Can you please put one Interview with ICON founders ? Masses are looking forward for this one – Iโ€™m already convincing Min (ICON CEO) via. ICONโ€™s Telegram – to connect with you- would appreciate if you can come up with one for the masses – thanks in advance


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