Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance acquired decentralized app (DApp) information startup DappReview, according to a press release on Dec. 2.

Per the release, DappReview’s platform provides its visitors with data analytics, user insights and information for over 3,900 DApps on 13 public blockchains.

DappReview founder Vincent Niu explained that the company also provides support for DApp developers in fundraising, product development and marketing. When asked by Cointelegraph whether he believes the acquisition by a crypto company could damage the platform’s independence, he said:

“DappReview provides accurate data analysis, users insight and market trends by aggregating the on-chain data, which is transparent to everyone. So our reports and views will not be affected by who we are. The data talks.”

Per the release, DappReview will maintain its independence in technical development and operations as well, while Binance will offer support in non-technical fields such as marketing and business development.

Niu also explained that the acquisition will provide his company with the resources to grow faster and that the firm’s next objective is to land more DApp…

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Author: Adrian Zmudzinski


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