Why isn’t the average person into bitcoin?

That was the question posed by Blockstream’s Selene Jin at the Advancing Bitcoin conference in London on Thursday, in a room with some of the most hardcore bitcoiners on the planet.

Her answer? “Normies don’t understand money, have no long-term vision or the ability to think outside the box.”

And there’s something else she thinks is holding back broader adoption. More “normies” might use bitcoin if the user experience (UX) was better, if – in Silicon Valley tech speak – they were “delighted” to use the apps and felt “empowered” by them, she argued.

Jin’s comments at the two-day event spoke to the difficulty of moving the needle on crypto adoption, even with 11 years under bitcoin’s belt.

“Bitcoin UX improved a lot [over the years]. But there are ways we can improve that to push bitcoin even further,” Jin, Blockstream’s director of UX, said. She argued that most developers try to build an app with the features they want themselves, which isn’t necessarily what the average Joe is looking for.

UX is often overlooked in bitcoin’s often very technical community. Jin argued that bitcoiners are fascinated by the new currency for a variety of…

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Author: Alyssa Hertig


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