Bitcoin SV [BSV], the second degree hard-fork of Bitcoin [BTC] recorded 143% gains on a single day.

The fundamental reason for the rise is the speculation around the fact that Craig Wright possibly hold the key to the 1 million BTC that only Satoshi could possibly have.

The claims were made in a recent legal filing in the district court of Florida in the pending, Klieman vs. Wright case. Wright has submitted a document before the judge giving the list of over 16,000 BTC addresses.

However, no further details have been given on how he plans to unlock them, only that he has mysteriously obtained the keys.

Dovey Wan, a crypto analyst tweeted this morning,

Have been seeing many folks saying they’ve parked some money in BSV as “insurance” just in case the Tulip Trust or even further CSW to be proven to the real Satoshi … 🙃🙃🙃 Not a financial advice here

In the past, Wright has been proven to produce forged documents and make various other false claims. However, even a less than 1% possibility of his claims being true creates ruckus in the market.

For all intents and purposes, BSV is a altcoin which has been split from Bitcoin Cash [BCH] after it was split from…

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Author: Nivesh Rustgi


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