The alleged ringleader of a notorious Telegram sex crime chat group has been paraded in public after millions signed a petition demanding the Korean Government publicly name him.

Cho Ju-bin, 24 — who went by the username ‘Banksa’ or ‘doctor’ — was arrested and charged last week along with 17 others for distributing and selling photos and videos of the sexural exploitation of women and minors. 

They are accused of blackmailing women and minors into starring in the videos, which were then sold to other users. Cho made hundreds of millions of won in cryptocurrency from the Nth Room Telegram chat rooms, which had a subscriber list of up to 260,000 people.

More than five million people signed the petition demanding Cho be named and shamed on the presidential Blue House website. “Thank you for ending my unstoppable life as a devil,” he said on Wednesday outside Jongno Police Station in Seoul. “I apologise to those who were hurt because of me.”

The National Policy Agency tracked down and arrested 124 people in total who were allegedly involved in the Telegram pornography ring.

Crypto provided access to the Telegram porn ring

At least 74 victims are known to have been…

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Author: Ting Peng


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