• Africa isn’t ready for a massive coronavirus outbreak, but its largest airline is still running flights from hard-hit China.
  • African healthcare systems and leadership are not developed enough for modern challenges.
  • The continent’s hot and humid weather may protect it from the coronavirus more than its governments ever could.

As the deadly Wuhan coronavirus spreads around the world, one continent is suspiciously absent from the statistics: Africa. It, along with South America, has recorded zero cases of the new disease despite its increasingly intimate links with China.

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest airline, is still running flights from China. As much as 1,500 passengers arrive from China each day – many of whom go on to travel to other African countries for business and tourism. Could Ethiopian airlines be importing the coronavirus into a continent that can’t handle such a deadly disease?

For Africa’s leaders, this would be a nightmare scenario. But thankfully, the continent’s tropical weather may do a better job fighting the coronavirus than its governments ever could.

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Africa is no…

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Author: William Ebbs


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